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What Are the Benefits of Saunatica?


As documented by chronic pain specialists, Saunatica’s full-spectrum Infrared heat therapy can penetrate deeper into the tissue to relieve chronic and acute pain.

Mind & Sleep

Settle in to your session to sweat out the bad and give your body and mind a break. Light color therapy, which is also available, has been shown to improve sleep quality.

Immune Boost

As your internal temperature rises naturally, your body will experience an artificial fever, which can strengthen your immune system.

Deep Detox + Endocrine Boost

The deep heat causes your internal systems to increase blood flow which boosts the endocrine system to flush out toxins.

200-400 Calories Burned

Burn upwards of 200-400 calories per session! Plus, noticeably clearer skin and an increase in energy levels.

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Your unlimited membership is only $139.

The Science of Sweat

Saunatica saunas use the full spectrum of infrared wavelengths to safely heat the core of your body.

The infrared light soak all the way down to your muscles and joints, slowly increasing your core temperature.

You will feel warm and cozy, similar to the feeling of sunbathing, but without any risk of damaging your skin.

You will leave each session feeling relaxed, revived, and radiating!

A Sauna Session Built For YOU

Enjoy your session in your very own, fully private infrared sauna.

Focus on your thoughts, watching your favorite show, or even listen to calming music.

Enhance your experience with the healing properties of red light therapy or add halo salt therapy for all the added benefits.

Ready To Join Saunatica?

Your unlimited membership is only $139.

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