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frequently asked questions

What is Saunatica Sauna Studio?

It is a luxury infrared sauna studio. Clients will enjoy sweating in the peace and serenity of their own personal infrared sauna suite. This includes full towel service and high-end entertainment options. Red light therapy and halotherapy are also options available to you.

Why should I sweat?

We are all exposed to hundreds of chemicals a day. They enter our bodies through the air we breathe and the items we touch. You may also apply them to your skin and consume them when you eat and drink. Not all these chemicals can be processed adequately by your body, especially when inundated by many of them at one time. Some can even be poisonous to the point of damaging those systems in your body that are supposed to help you detoxify, such as liver enzymes. Making infrared sauna sessions a part of your weekly routine can help your body rid itself of toxins.

What is infrared heat?

Infrared light is part of the invisible spectrum of light, which can penetrate human tissue. Infrared heat therapy uses these characteristics of infrared light to heat the body directly rather than just the air in the sauna. The experience of an infrared sauna is similar to sunbathing, which gives you a feeling of radiant heat. This infrared energy penetrates your skin and gives you a wonderful feeling of natural warmth. Unlike sunbathing, infrared heat therapy is completely healthy and safe. You can relax in an infrared sauna with the peace of mind that it will never burn your skin.

Is there anyone who shouldn't sweat?

Pregnant women should not sweat to the degree that would happen in a sauna. That said, it is safe after the baby is born. If you have a chronic condition that makes you sensitive to temperature, we recommend checking with your doctor before booking a session. We also recommend consulting your doctor if you have recently had an injury or undergone surgery of any kind. If you have hemophilia, we do not recommend using a sauna. Anyone who is on any medications should check with their doctor, especially those on blood thinners. If you have been advised to stay away from heat or have any concerns regarding medical conditions, please talk to your doctor. If you have had a tummy tuck, abdominal surgery, c-section or breast augmentation, please consult your physician before using a sauna. Please remember, we are not medical professionals.

Is it safe? Are there any risks associated with it?

Individuals of at least average health should have no major risks associated with sweating in a sauna. If you are worried, please consult your doctor before booking a sauna session. If you have had a tummy tuck, abdominal surgery, c-section or breast augmentation, please consult your physician before using a sauna.

What are the benefits?

A strengthened immune system, weight loss, improved sleep, increased energy and enhanced skin appearance are just a few of the many benefits reported from regular use of an infrared sauna. To learn more about the benefits of infrared saunas, visit our benefits page.

Does infrared technology interfere with implants, such as metal or silicone?

Metal pins, rods, artificial joints and other surgical implants generally reflect infrared waves. For this reason, they are not heated by this system. Nevertheless, you should consult your physician prior to using an infrared sauna if you have any concerns. As mentioned in answer to previous questions, if you have had a tummy tuck, abdominal surgery, c-section or breast augmentation, please consult your physician before using a sauna.

How many calories can I burn?

Infrared saunas burn 400 to 600 calories in just one 30-minute session, which makes it a healthy weight loss solution that doesn't require exercise. In an infrared sauna, a moderately fit person can sweat out one pound in a 30-minute session. That's the equivalent of running two to three miles!

How do you burn calories while sweating?

Infrared saunas have been proven to aid in weight loss in at least a couple of ways. By heating your body's core temperature, it increases blood flow and heart rate, which has been shown to help you lose weight. It also assists in weight loss by easing the aches and pains associated with weight training, which helps you get back to the gym more quickly.

What is the difference between a steam sauna and an infrared sauna?

A traditional sauna uses wet or dry heat to warm the air around you, which induces heavy sweating. This can aid in weight loss, but it has been shown that the weight loss is mainly due to loss of water. In contrast, an infrared sauna heats your body from the inside out, which allows you to stay in the sauna longer and increases your heart rate. This results in more calories burned in a shorter period of time.

Solo carbon infrared heat allows for most of the infrared wavelength to be near 9.4 microns. This is the level at which the human body absorbs infrared energy. This is also the frequency at which a water molecule resonates or vibrates, and this causes a release of cellular toxins. The deeper penetration of infrared heat that improves weight loss is also enabled by this optimal micron output.

Will I be losing water weight?

Yes, you will lose water weight, but this will be regained when you hydrate afterward. The calories you burn are still very real!

How often should I sweat?

Each person is different, but we recommend one to three sessions per week.

How long will it take for my core temperature to cool down to normal?

This can take up to an hour. This is normal and is part of your body returning to its regular temperature. Also, you have the added bonus that your body is still burning calories while it's cooling down.

Why are there spider-like lines all over my legs?

The deep heating causes blood vessels and capillaries to dilate for better circulation. This red pattern enables you to physically see this process, but don't worry, it will go away within a few hours.

How many times a day can I use the sauna?

We only allow one session each day, and it lasts 30 to 40 minutes.

Can I bring my kids?

For liability reasons, only those who are sweating can be in the room during sauna sessions. For the same reasons, we cannot have children left unattended in the lobby. Please make any necessary arrangements for childcare before coming to our sauna.

How old do you have to be to use our sauna?

You must be 18 years or older to use the facilities at our sauna studio.

Are children allowed to use the sauna?

The core body temperature of children rises faster than that of adults. This is because they have a higher metabolic rate per body mass and limited circulatory adaptation to increased cardiac demands. When using the sauna with a child, we operate it at a lower temperature level ranging from one to three and for no more than 15 minutes at a time. One minute inside the sauna per year of age of the child is the general rule of thumb. They must always be accompanied by an adult, and you need to keep them and yourself hydrated.

Is it OK to use the sauna while breastfeeding?

While this is usually no problem, you should check with your physician to be sure.

What should I wear?

When using a sauna, you should adopt the mindset that less is more. Feel free to sweat in your birthday suit if you are comfortable with that. Otherwise, we recommend wearing a swimsuit or a bra and underwear. Please make sure that the clothing is free of any plastic or metal, such as bras with underwire or swimsuits with metal eyelets.

What should I bring?

We recommend bringing loose-fitting clothes to change into after your sauna session. We provide water, but you are also welcomed to bring your own bottle. Additionally, we provide towels so that you can dry off after your session.

What should I do before I come in?

Please make sure you are hydrated and that you have eaten something. We advise against sweating on an empty stomach, but it's also not a good idea to arrive immediately after a heavy meal.

Why do I need to hydrate?

Our bodies need plenty of water to function optimally, and you'll be sweating plenty out during your sauna session. When you sweat at Saunatica Sauna Studio, your body uses water to flush out toxins and other waste. Therefore, drinking plenty of water is ideal to help you feel your best and to get the most out of your session.

How long is a session?

Our standard session is 40 minutes. We have found that longer sessions don't provide any additional benefits and tax your body more than necessary.

Do I need to have an appointment?

While we do accept walk-ins, we recommend that you book an appointment. This will guarantee you a spot since we cannot always accommodate walk-ins.

How do I book an appointment?

You can book an appointment right here through our website. You can also book it on your mobile device through our app here. Finally, you can call our studio and book it over the phone.

How early do I need to arrive?

We recommend that you arrive five to 10 minutes early for your first appointment. This will give you time to fill out the new client information and release forms that we require.

Are all your suites private?

Yes, they are all private rooms.

Can I share a sauna suite with someone else?

We do offer tandem sauna sessions so that you can sweat together with one other person in your own private sauna suite.

Should I shower after my session?

Because your body continues sweating out toxins immediately after your session, we suggest you wait 30 to 60 minutes before showering.

Are your sauna facilities sanitary?

Yes, they are sanitary. We pride ourselves on maintaining a clean and relaxing environment. We provide clean towels, and we sanitize our suites with a non-toxic cleaner after each use. Also, infrared light kills all bacteria and any airborne germs or fungus. Therefore it's often used to sterilize medical devices.

What does it feel like during the session?

During the first 20 minutes of your sweat session, you will feel warm, cozy and extremely relaxed. You may even get sleepy. The last 10 minutes of the session are more challenging. Your heart rate will likely increase, and you will notice that you are sweating much more.

How will I feel after a sauna session?

Immediately after your session, you may feel like you just finished a workout. About 30 minutes later, however, you will feel rested and refreshed. You might also feel a boost in your mood and energy level. You should also be ready to sleep like a baby that night! Please remember that, just as with workouts, some sweats will feel better than others.

What should I do after my session is complete?

First priority is to replenish the water you sweat out during your session. We recommend waiting 30 minutes before showering and putting on any lotions, liquids or creams as this will give time for your pores to close.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, we do sell gift cards! You can purchase them online, by phone or in-store. Give the gift of health to someone today!

How do I cancel an appointment?

To cancel your appointment, please call your studio two hours prior to your appointment in order to avoid a cancellation fee.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require a two-hour notice to cancel appointments. If you do not cancel with at least a two-hour notice, you will be subject to a $20 cancellation fee, which will be charged to the card on file, or the loss of one membership session.

What is your late policy?

The length of our sauna sessions is designed with your wellness in mind. Typically, late arrivals will have a shorter session, but call us if you know you will be late, and we'll try our best to accommodate you. Please be aware that late arrivals may be subject to a fee or the loss of one membership session.

What is your latest appointment?

Our latest appointment is 40 minutes prior to closing.

How do I cancel, pause or downgrade my membership?

If you wish to cancel or downgrade your membership, please email the studio at least 30 days prior to the end of your current plan's term. You will receive a confirmation email within five business days. If the request is made fewer than 30 days before your next renewal, the following payment will still be processed.

Can I bring a large group to use your sauna?

Yes! Please feel free to email or call us to ensure we can accommodate your group.

What if I don't sweat very much?

Everyone is different, and this is also true for how much we sweat. For most people, it takes a few sessions to acclimate to the detoxifying process. Also, the more hydrated you are, the better you will sweat.

Should I use your sauna if I am pregnant?

We do not recommend using a sauna when pregnant, but it's a great way to recover afterward.

Can I use my phone during a session?

Please do not make any phone calls or use FaceTime during your sauna session. Make sure that any phone you have is on silent because the rooms are close together in a spa-like environment. Use this time to relax and unplug from the world.

Can I bring my pet to your sauna studio?

Due to liability issues, no pets are allowed in the studio. If you have a service dog, please contact the studio prior to your appointment so that we can make arrangements.

What if I am claustrophobic?

Most of our clients do not feel claustrophobic during their sessions. If you are claustrophobic, please let us know, and we'll do what we can to ensure you are comfortable during your session.

What if I am on my period?

Many of our female clients find that sweating is a great way to help reduce cramps and improve their hormonal balance. However, if you already experience heavy bleeding, you may want to keep in mind that sweating can increase menstrual flow.

What if I am on medication?

You should check with your doctor before scheduling a session.

What if I have breast implants?

Given that the melting point of silicon is much higher than the temperature of our infrared saunas, your implants won't have any impact on you enjoying our sauna. Feel free to check with your doctor if you have any concerns.

What if I have migraines?

Many of our clients who suffer from migraines have reported that regular infrared sauna sessions have improved their condition.

What if I have allergies?

Many of our clients with allergies have told us that regular sweating has improved their allergies. Feel free to talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.

What if I am sick?

If you already have a fever, a sauna is not recommended. However, boosting your immune system is one of the benefits of an infrared sauna, so if you feel you are starting to get sick, we recommend a session.

What if I recently had surgery?

If you have had surgery in the past 12 months, please contact your doctor before using a sauna.

Can I use essential oils during my sweat session?

We do not allow the use of any oils. Prior to your session, please make sure your skin is clean of any products so that you'll receive maximum benefit from the sauna experience.

Do you have complimentary water available?

At our studio, we have a complimentary water station and water bottles available for purchase. Feel free to bring your own bottled water as well.

Can I buy packages online?

Yes! You can purchase them through or our app.

What do you use to clean your suites between sessions?

We clean each suite with a non-toxic cleaner between every session, and we make sure towels are always replaced after each use. You never have to worry about coming into contact with any sweat but your own.